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Fort Street Open Door LogoThe Fort Street Open Door Ministry

Since 1967, Open Door has worked to ameliorate the suffering of our community members who have little access to many of life’s most basic necessities.  In doing so, Open Door has helped realize a standard of care that provides both clear and provable benefits to those we serve as well as to the community at large.  At Fort Street, the Open Door is a cohesive agent that binds our congregants and community together regardless of age, ethnicity or economic status… and by gleaning support from some of our youngest and oldest members (ages 9-94), Open Door is not only an on-site mission but a catalyst for further efforts to bring together our city’s divided communities.  OD

Because we work to provide a place where the love of another is possible absent the division of racial and economic differences, and because of the fact that the love for another, the need for social-justice, and the unwavering mercy of Christ undergirds all we do, what has resulted is a community that is truly interrelated and interdependent.

Fort Street Open Door Mission Statement:

The Fort Street Open Door, a volunteer mission of the Fort Street Church and its supporting partners, will comfort, care for, and encourage the homeless and indigent people of Detroit by ministering to their physical, social and spiritual needs in a manner that celebrates the diversity of our community and affirms the humanity of all of God’s children

Each year, Fort Street Open Door:

  • Serves about 10,000 meals.
  • Clothes over 5,000 men and women.
  • Provides over 5,000 hygiene kits (razor, shave cream, soap, tooth-brush/paste, deodorant).
  • Provides thousands of hours of gainful and meaningful employment for people with no other source of income.
  • Provides round-trip transportation to interviews and appointments for over 2,000 people.

HOPE-street-sign1From life-sustaining necessities like food, clothes, hygiene care, and transportation assistance to higher level services like case-management, counseling/support groups and access to housing and medical care, the Open Door is so much more than a soup kitchen.

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Volunteers, clothing, and monetary donations are always welcome and put to good use. Support Open Door here.