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Lola Fryer Davidson Church Secretary

Lola Fryer Davidson
Church Secretary

Phone: 313-961-4533


Lola Fryer Davidson has found her work at Fort Street Church to be rewarding because, as she says, “I know it’s my calling at this time.”

She grew up in the Church of God in Christ and taught, under the leadership of Bishop Mason, Superintendent Moore and Bishop Bailey. She held other positions that were rewarding to her, as well, including those of Clerk Librarian, Video Retailer, Assistant at the Blind and Physically Disabled Library, Secretary-Administrator for the Russell Woods Lions Club, as well as entrepreneur of several small town newsletters. She indicates that the church has broadened her understanding of Christ, in more livable terms, such as the hands-on experience that she receives here at Fort Street.

According to Lola, “The opportunity to work with the many ‘angels’ here at Fort Street is a delightful awakening; food for my soul, sort of.” When Lola is not writing spiritual books, she can be found working in her home business, creating dolls, quilts, freelancing, or computerizing information into her database. She says, “I tend to have much energy and, some say, it’s associated with my astrological sign – a water sign (Scorpio). I am an artist (my first love) and a nature lover. I write music and poetry and, on occasion, I sing solos at local churches, when I’m invited. In all honesty, I could be anywhere, at anytime, because I am prone to be moved by spirit.”