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Judith Sheldon Director Christian Education

Judith Sheldon
Christian Education

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Judith Sheldon is a Michigan native, and has lived in downtown Detroit for three decades. Her long-time commitment to the city is reflected in her educational programming, which often includes aspects of urban life as a central theme. With degrees from both the University of Michigan and the Center for Humanistic Studies, Judith uses a strong understanding of the arts and personal interest in human development to shape the Christian Education curriculum.

She also uses art and music to relate biblical text and narrative to children and to create a child-centered environment for the study of God. She finds that the inherent spiritual knowing of children is accessed through hands-on and age-appropriate missional projects in our real world.  Music, embodied prayer, story-telling, art and group discussion are thematically unified in leading children to active creation care, and to awe and reverence for the mystery of our Creative God.  She says, “Art and art education are spirit-filled processes that steep us in the mystery and joy of original creation. Art is a perfect portal for children to enter the Kingdom of God.”

She is an adjunct faculty member at Wayne State University and provides movement and musical experientials with Issa Abramaleem through First Circle, Inc.